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Hope Scholarship

Pursuant to section 1002.40, Florida Statutes, the Hope Scholarship Program provides a public school student who was subjected to a qualifying incident with the opportunity to transfer to another public school with capacity (within the school district or another school district) or request a scholarship to attend an eligible private school. Upon receipt of a report of an incident, the school principal (or designee), is required to notify the parents of the reported incident and to investigate the incident to determine if it must be reported in SESIR, as required by s. 1006.09(6), F.S. After the investigation is completed, or within 15 days after the incident was reported to the principal, whichever comes first, the school district must notify the parent of opportunity to transfer to another school under the Hope Scholarship Program. By completing and signing this form, the principal is confirming that the parent was provided the form within the required timeframe and was notified of the educational opportunities under the Hope Scholarship Program. The
school should retain a copy and provide original document to the parent.

Download Hope Scholarship Application 
Hope Scholarship
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