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if  your  child  is  being  harassed  . . . ask  us  about  THE   HOPE  SCHOLARSHIP


Welcome to the Hope Scholarship Information Portal for Parents

Have you heard of the Hope Scholarship? Did you know that public school students in Florida are unequivocally entitled to school choice to transfer to another school in the county or in a nearby county if their rights have been violated.   Hope Scholarship funds are issued annually and can pay for tuition to attend a charter school or eligible private schools until you graduate. The
Hope Scholarship also can provide
payments to put towards travel expenses when traveling to and from your new school.  If you have experienced any of the following incidents from a school administrator, teacher, bus driver, school employee or classmates attending the school?  

Eligible Incident for Hope Scholarship

  • Harassment for not having a COVID-19 Vaccination

  • Not provided the opportunity, not permitting, parent’s request  to “Opt Out” of Masking,  “Opt Out” from Objectional Material

  • Disregarding a Parent’s “Opt Out” request and displaying objectionable material and Sexual Content,

  • Discriminated against because of beliefs regarding morality, sex, and religion or the belief that such materials are harmful

  • Mask Discrimination

  • Bullying

  • Harassment

  • Threat or Intimidation

  • Hazing

  • Robbery

  • Fighting

  • Aggravated Battery

  • Physical Attack

  • Kidnapping

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Sexual Assault

  • Sexual Battery

  • Sexual Offenses-Other

  • Violations of the Florida Parental Bill of Rights

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